Mission Statement
The Foundation aims to identify, preserve and promote American custom car culture by celebrating its colorful history, supporting the passion of its participants, strengthening its world-wide appeal and igniting interest in new audiences.  All effective media at the disposal of the foundation will be utilized to build community, recruit support, extend its message and promote philanthropy.

Make no mistake – we live by our Mission Statement. But, as you dig through this website and find out more about what the AUTOCULTURE Foundation does and stands for, you’ll soon realize what makes it all possible: we live this stuff. And by that, we mean that there’s a whole lot more to car culture than just the car. See, cars and motorcycles have influenced music and fashion and art and food and architecture and technology and the folks who were tinkering with them over the past hundred years are the same folks who built our gleaming highways and sent Man to the moon and gave us tailfins and made food cheap and challenging us expensive. And we treat it all as the National Treasure it really is.

The AUTOCULTURE Foundation exists for us all and because of us all. The greatest invention of humankind – the wheel – has never been celebrated as much as it has been since the first automobile burped its way down a dusty street – spooking men, women, children and horses, but mystifying them just as well. That gleam in the first eyes to be laid on a car has inspired every generation since, being passed along as a birthright to the lucky and a siren’s song to the uninitiated.

Join us. Celebrate these wonderful machines and the culture borne of them with us. We’re inviting all the disparate pockets of car culture and those inspired by it from around the world to one big, metalflaked, diamond-tucked, louvered and perfectly-balanced table. And we’re not getting up any time soon. There’s plenty of parking, lots of shade, the grille’s hot and the ice chest is cold. We’re glad you could swing by and there’s a set of tools over there if you want to help out…

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